Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the size of a Cubby?

We deliver our 5 x 8 x 7 ½ Cubby(s) to your door. Our Cubbys our slightly larger than the standard container used by a majority of moving companies throughout the United Sates. It allows for storage of almost all household items such as beds, couches, refrigerators, and boxes of various sizes. As a rule of thumb, use one Cubby for every 1½ rooms of furniture that you have to store. If you order too many Cubby(s) from us, don’t worry. We will pick up the unused Cubby(s) at no expense to you. You pack. We Pick up.

What does a Cubby cost to rent?

Storage Cubby(s) is a surprisingly affordable option for you storage needs. We are the highest quality and most affordable option for climate controlled, portable storage in the Treasure Valley. Please call us for current pricing as it does vary based on length of stay, payment option selected, seasonality, demand and promotional event we may be offering.
We also offer our “Direct Move Service” special pricing for people moving from one residence to another. Our advantage for you is the ability to take you time loading your belonging from your old residence and taking your time moving into your new one. The Cubby can be there for weeks if need be while you get your new home situated.
Business interested in partnering with Storage Cubby(s) may also receive unique pricing base on their needs.

We can work with you to fit your budget.

Does it cost any money to access my belongings when they are stored with you?

There is no charge for accessing your Cubby(s) at our facility. You can access your belongings 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Give us a call about an hour before you come by, during business hours, and we will have your Cubby ready and waiting for you. For access after business hours give us a call and we will stage your Cubby for access as needed.

Will my belongings experience any damage during transport and storage of my Cubby?

We only hire professional drivers who are trained to handle your Storage Cubby with the utmost care. If you pack your Cubby with care, as you would a rental truck you can expect that there will be no damage to your belongings.

Where will you put the Cubby when you deliver them to me?

We rarely have difficulty finding a good location to place your Cubby(s) for loading.

We have been doing this for years and constantly operate in areas with limited parking and access issues. Generally, you can fit two Cubby(s) in a standard parking stall. Anywhere a car can go, a Cubby can usually follow. If you have a concern, please call us and we will give you a straight up answer.

I assume that virtually all big household items will fit in the Cubby(s). Is that correct?

That is correct. The Cubby(s) were specifically designed to be large enough to easily hold sofas, refrigerators, washers, dryers, entertainment centers, etc. In fact, you can load up to 2,000 pounds into just one of our Cubby(s). The Cubby is designed to be compact enough to prevent items from shifting during transport.

Do you provide insurance?

Normally your homeowners insurance will cover your belongings while in storage. Check with yours. If not we can put you in touch with an insurance company that will provide you insurance at a minimal fee.

Why should I use Storage Cubby(s)?

We want to provide a storage service that will make life as simple as possible for you to store and move your belongings. Truly HASSLE FREE. We have great people, well thought out customer service systems and top quality equipment. The bottom line: We will do everything we can to make your storage experience simple, convenient and to your satisfaction.

What are our advantages over traditional storage?

  • No Truck Rental or Driving!
  • No Load/Unload Twice!
  • No Rushing to Load!
  • No Loading ramps!
  • No Charge for Access!
  • No Worry Size Availability!
  • No Damp Concrete Floors!
  • No Infested Storage Facility!
  • No Truck Deposits!
  • No Worry Security Features!
  • No Worry Fire Protection!


  • DO NOT STORE FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES (cleaning fluid, gasoline, paint, etc.)
  • DO NOT STORE PERISHABLES. (food in open containers or any items that you may think will attract pests)

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