Storage Tips

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General Tips

  • For your protection, a storage facility will provide a written agreement which must be read thoroughly. Ask the storage consultant to answer any of your inquiries and make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions.
  • Notify the storage facility in writing if your address or phone number changes.
  • Insure your goods. It is your responsibility and not the storage facility for any damages.

Packing & Loading Tips

  • Make a list of the packing supplies that you may need to help with your packing. For example paper, bubble-pack, tape, rope, storage cartons, mattress and furniture covers, pallets, and skids.
  • Heavy items like books should be packed in small boxes and stored at the bottom of your space.
  • Protect your fragile goods by wrapping them up in bubble wrap and store all light items near the top.
  • Label your boxes and keep a list. Being organized will save you time when you need to locate certain items.
  • Distribute weight as evenly as possible in your Cubby.
  • Place items you may need most frequently near the front of the unit.


  • Ensure that all doors are shut and wrap each movable part with paper.
  • Appliances like freezers or refrigerators, washers and dryers are good storage space. Make sure that all appliances.
  • Notify your utility companies in advance to disconnect your appliances.

Metal Items (Bicycles, Tools, Machinery)

  • Wipe all surfaces with machine oil to prevent rust formation.


  • Secure bed rails with rope or tape and label all bed pieces for easy assembly.
  • Cover mattresses to keep them clean during moving and storage.

Blankets, Draperies and Clothing

  • Clean all blankets, draperies, and clothing before hanging them in a wardrobe box for storage.
  • Dresser drawers or cedar chests are good storage sources and can be used for bedding and linens if hanging cartons are not available.

Books and Documents

  • Pack books flat to protect the spines and pack in small boxes with weight not exceeding 30 lb. for easy lifting.
  • Line all book/document boxes with plastic lining to prevent moisture absorption, and fill empty spaces with paper.

Furniture, Tables and Chairs

  • Disassemble and wrap legs to save storage space and wrap all furniture with pads to protect them from scratches.
  • Wrap all chair legs with paper to protect them and leave slipcovers on the chairs and then cover with plastic covers to avoid staining.

Fragile Items (Dishes, Glasses, Lamps)

  • Wrap all fragile items with foam or bubble wrap and place crumpled packing paper between the box and the items for cushioning. Also keep in mind to keep dish boxes under 30 lbs. for easy lifting.
  • Large paintings or framed pictures should be stored in specially designed boxes.
  • Smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap and stored with clothing or linen boxes.


  • DO NOT STORE FLAMMABLE SUBSTANCES (cleaning fluid, gasoline, paint, etc.)
  • DO NOT STORE PERISHABLES. (food in open containers or any items that you may think will attract pests)

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